365 Seconds of 2018

For the second year in a row, I’ve created a short video collating 1 second of footage from (almost) every day. I always wanted to keep a diary but I could never develop a daily ritual to do it. Plus, most of my days are uninteresting to write about and would be a waste of time to read again later.

A single second motion picture, on the other hand, is much more exciting and inspiring. It takes around 6 seconds per day to commit to the ritual, encapsulates daily experiences in an easy to consume and engaging format, and opens you up to not take for granted a walk through the park on the way to work, on what might otherwise be a bland day, which would be missed in a traditional diary entry.

I’m sharing my seconds because another interesting artefact emerges from this format — it becomes very obvious these seconds are not just mine. Every person who made it into my seconds, or was at an event that a second represents, is a part of my journey just as much as I’m a part of theirs. A written diary entry focuses on the author and is inherently self-centered, but I find that recorded seconds highlighting the relationships between people is what I enjoy when I reflect back.

In 2017 I had a chaotic year. My 365 seconds of 2017 captured the rise but inevitable winding up of my 2 first businesses — Ubiquitus Solutions and Vēdius Medical Devices — as I transitioned to commercialise Moonshot full time. 2018 was better in that Moonshot is and continues to be on the up and up and our team and revenue is increasing, but it’s been a tough time behind the scenes given it’s not an easy business model to bootstrap. Thankfully, since the milestones hit in December, I’m comfortable that there will be no more seconds highlighting only $0.40 packets of mi goreng noodles!

I’ve had an amazing year, as you’ll see, but don’t for one second think that the life of an ambitious business founder is one of glory, demonstrated by international travel to far away lands and other rare experiences. I record my seconds to help myself reflect on the little things, because I’m constantly thinking about the little spot fires behind the scenes. This video doesn’t do justice to showing the harsh realities of starting an ambitious business.

Regardless, especially if you have been a key part of my journey, I hope you find yourself in my 365 seconds of 2018.

Enjoy the show.


  • Traveling to the US and Europe 3 times each all the way from Australia is a tough slog, but meeting so many great people makes it worth it
  • Meeting with Australian ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, in San Francisco on Australia Day after he and his senior advisor wanted to talk about the work they’d heard about Moonshot doing (Jan 21)
  • Seeing and experiencing snow for the first time in Boulder, CO. Walking through CU Boulder away from clear footpaths, getting strange looks from passers by (Jan 30)
  • Discovering dockless electric scooters (Feb 4, June 26)
  • Showing my grandmother that the piece of plastic and glass in my pocket can record amazing video, recording her retelling her family history, and seeing her amazement at the whole experience (June 2)
  • Helping dad paint and build a kitchen he was working on during my trip to Perth (week including Feb 22)
  • TeamLab installation in Tokyo was mindblowing (July 6)
  • Catching up with one of my closest mates from college, Ryan, who lives in Kuala Lumpur (week including Feb 27)
  • Sunday brunches at home
  • When in Melbourne, getting to walk to and from work through parks and gardens and watching the ducks grow up
  • Holiday with Nic and her parents to Europe and Japan in June, the first semi-successful attempt at a break in years
  • Taking a few days off to enjoy California with Nic in September, after the wedding of some close friends in Orange County
  • West cost sunsets (e.g. in Santa Monica) are like seeing magic to me as someone who grew up on the east coast of a continent. One day in September me, my partner, Nic, and a friend ran for 10 minutes with luggage just to see one last sunset before leaving, and in the final few seconds as we ran towards the beach we just caught the sun slip behind the Pacific Ocean
  • Getting to work closely with amazing startups including Leo Aerospace, Swoop Aero, Jigspace, SMD and Serinus Security. Check out September 26 for an awesome collaboration between Jigspace and Swoop Aero!
  • Getting VIP grid access at the MotoGP at Phillip Island thanks to Ken King, and later getting a personal introduction to Valentino Rossi. (Oct 28)
  • Seeing Australia’s first commercial rocket launch by Black Sky Aerospace thanks to an invitation by Carley Scott of Equatorial Launch Australia (Nov 21)
  • Living my childhood dream of seeing Robot Wars type battles in person, at the Robotex International conference in Tallinn where I was invited as a keynote speaker (Dec 2)
  • Every Friday/Saturday night spent with my best mates

Fun Facts

  • My travel log shows I covered 223,000 km by aircraft
  • I travelled to 12 countries
  • For 23 of the 52 weeks of the year, I spent time away from home



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