There’s more than meets the eye

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

This weekend I created my first NFT. Just like the original Mona Lisa, there’s more than meets the eye in this digital version.

Can you crack this modern Da Vinci code?

My fourth compilation of micro-videos capturing my year

Well… That was a weird year…

It’s become a tradition for me to share a compilation of 1-second micro-videos I took of each day throughout the year. This special “Pandemic Edition” doesn’t have as much travel as in previous years — the fun theme of travel was replaced with less fun but but still important “Brady Bunch” sneaky captures of Zooms with friends, colleagues and audiences of remote conferences I spoke at.

This is the fourth installment in the series, and you can find my compilations for 2017 here, 2018 here and 2019 here.

I started capturing these seconds for my own benefit — there are…

This is about public health, not surveillance

Yesterday I wrote an article about why I won’t be installing CovidSafe. A day later I’ve become concerned by the response to the app from the local tech industry and journalists reporting on misunderstood security reports.

Whether maliciously designed or not, the CovidSafe app is significantly better at general surveillance than it is at tracing the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

If CovidSafe is to truly be a health app and not a pseudo-surveillance app, then it needs to be rebuilt to maintain privacy using a decentralised model and using a design that enables it to provide trustworthy public health advice.


We should be using better alternatives

I’ve now posted a second part to this article, here.

Yesterday the Australian government released their version of the Singaporean COVID-19 tracing app. Despite previous promises, they are yet to release the source code, making it difficult to fully assess whether the app works, is secure, maintains privacy, or importantly — is effective.

While I don’t think that there is likely to be anything directly malicious in the source code, as stakeholders it is essential for us to question proposed solutions by governments to great challenges we all face, especially when our government has such a poor track record in…

One of humanity’s great legends has passed away this week due to COVID-19. John Conway, 82 years old, was a John von Neumann Professor Emeritus of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics.

His name has forever been attached to his invention, the so-called zero-player Conway’s Game of Life.

For me, as a computer scientist, engineer, and someone who spends a lot of time thinking about the philosophy of the universe, the emergence of intelligence, and our role as sapient beings within it — I feel like I owe a lot to Conway and the Game of Life…

The Simplified Moonshot Growth Engine

A recursive model for space sector growth and investment

As a computer scientist and electrical engineer I love the concepts of recursion and feedback loops. If a simple system has an input, an output, and some process in the middle, what happens when you plug the output back into the input? Perpetual motion? A black hole? The birth of the universe?

Sadly, I’m yet to see any of these these. But it is fascinating that feedback loops are everywhere. We use feedback loops in finance when we compound interest rates to model exponential savings and investments. …

A third compilation of micro-videos capturing my year

Photo of the sunrise over the Yarra Ranges as seen from Fitzroy

For the third year in a row I’m sharing a collation of single second videos I took on each day of the year. I do this ritual because I want an easy way to record the highlights of my days, and this is much easier (and, I think, richer) than writing a diary.

For me this is a useful exercise beyond record keeping. As a solo founder trying to commercialise a social-enterprise for space-tech, I have a lot of lonely days where I’m exhausted by the daily battle. Whether because I’m zipping around the world on a dime or working…

My Lessons for Cultivating a Meaningful Network

About a year ago I started to use LinkedIn a little bit differently. I realised that LinkedIn wasn’t working for me and became inspired by an article written by Australian entrepreneurial legend, Alan Jones .¹

I’ve spent the last few years travelling the world building a network of international space experts — from scientists to policymakers and investors. It takes a village to raise a child, and my company Moonshot² relies heavily on this network. For it to be valuable I need to turn my network into Moonshot’s network and continue to make it as accessible to great people across…

Image Credit: Zumper Media

50 years ago this week, one of the most important international collaborations in human history was unfolding between Australia and the USA. The Apollo 11 mission was underway, with a trio of the Earth’s bravest inhabitants roaring towards the Moon. This voyage was the pinnacle of a decade long project and the origin of the term ‘moon-shot’.

The Apollo 11 mission was an incubator for many inspirational stories. One of these stories is that of the inexperienced Australian team asked to rig the Parkes Radio Telescope to communicate with the Apollo 11 mission — one of three ground stations used…

But we ask you to inspire measured debate instead

An astronaut takes a selfie above the earth

What happens when we challenge the leaders of the international space community to break the barriers between mainstream society and the space community?

This is a call to arms for passionate and articulate experts to start typing, and for curious people to hit the follow button!

We’re on the hunt for space-related opinion editorials (op-eds) to stimulate new discussion around unusual space topics. If you have an idea for a 2–6 minute article that can burst through the echo chamber of the space community, we want to hear from you!

Our blog is where science fiction and reality collide!

The only requirements for authors are that you need to…

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